4 ways to post on multiple social networks at the same time

Posting to multiple social networks at the same time can be a double-edged sword. One of the goals of the modern social media manager: to save time. You have to work on multiple fronts and every second is precious to get good results. And to match all the commitments: from monitoring, to content curation up to the publication of the contents scheduled in the editorial calendar.

Here, this point must be carefully evaluated: how to post on multiple social networks at the same time while keeping the quality of your work high? This question is not trivial because we often only talk about working in terms of operations and streamlining of workflows. but what happens to the posts that are put online? Often the result is not optimal. Indeed, it leaves something to be desired on different points of view.

You are looking for a good app to publish on all social networks but you don’t know any solutions. And above all they suggested you avoid solutions to simplify what you have to do by hand, with painstaking attention. This is true, but I assure you that you can combine the functionality with the effective result. Is there such a solution? Of course, even more than one: I leave you 4 ways to publish on multiple social networks at the same time.

Spidwit, content curation and social media management

Why start with Spidwit ? Because with this application you can do this too: publish on multiple social networks at the same time. Yes, I say “also” because in reality with this tool you can work on different planes. For example, that of content curation: with Spidwit, in fact, you can find and select useful content to enrich the editorial strategy of your social profiles. 

This is important, you know?

Often we only work on the possibility of saving time and publishing on multiple posts in a short time. But the quality? With Spidwit s you cover the trends and successful contents that could be convenient for your project, you select and prepare them for your accounts, you publish them when you prefer. Even planning.

PostPickr, software to manage multiple social networks

I start this collection of programs to publish on multiple social networks with a single click with an software that has given a lot to the social media marketing landscape. The reason is simple: with this tool you can organize a real editorial plan on all social platforms.

The first advantage available to those who choose PostPickr: a wide choice of tools to organize content. The editor is complete, it offers all the combinations to optimize the caption and preview of the link based on the possibilities offered to individual social networks. Do you want to post a GIF? You can do it. Do you prefer images and videos? No problem.

There is another immediate advantage of choosing PostPickr: you can organize columns with posts that are republished constantly. With the visual calendar you can manage tasks in a simple and immediate way, and these aspects give you the ability to schedule and publish posts on multiple platforms at the same time and keep the quality standard high. This is important, you know?

One advantage I want to mention: PostPickr has great support. The guys from the community are always there, they inform you at every opportunity and always suggest the best with advice, ideas and solutions to common problems. I say that PostPickr is a good ally.

Social Network Manager: Hootsuite

A real point of reference for those who work in the world of social media marketing. Hootsuite is one of the favorite tools for those who work every day with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram updates. The substantial advantage of this reality is clear: you are using one of the most complete and elaborate collaborative platforms in this universe. There are dozens of features that can push you towards your choice:

  • Bulk publications of various contents.
  • Import of rss feeds to update social networks.
  • Statistics and reports of the various accounts.
  • Possibility to assign the various users of the team.
  • Custom URLs with your brand.

The possibilities depend on the single plan, there are different solutions that adapt to the commitments of your reality. But the real advantage you have with Hootsuite is clear: you can post on multiple social networks at the same time and on different projects. Every company you curate has multiple accounts and you want to make sure they update at the same time, without wasting time? With Hootsuite, this becomes easy.

Publish on multiple social networks at the same time

All this without forgetting that with Hootsuite you can track the words and hashtags that interest you. With the system that allows you to organize flows through separate columns you can have everything under control. In this way, in addition to publishing on different social networks in a single moment, you can use Hootsuite for your influencer marketing, blogger outreach, community management and digital PR jobs.

Save time and improve flows with IFTTT

An alternative solution to the classic platform for managing social networks, but at the same time a reference name for those who want to publish on multiple social networks at the same time: IFTTT is a small masterpiece based on the consistent and organized use of automation. What can you get by subscribing to this online application for managing social network updates?

A system of recipes, recipes, which organize two or more realities of your universe. I’ll tell you right away: if you want to organize professional social content management you can focus on Hootsuite, PostPickr or maybe Buffer and Coschedule. But IFTTT does something more: it works for you. Some concrete examples?

  • Tweet photos posted on Instagram as native content.
  • Update Facebook and Twitter profile photos at the same time.
  • Post the status of the Facebook page on Twitter.
  • Leave your Instagram photo on Flickr.

In short, the combinations are endless. Again, it is not the solution to organize in the best possible way a social media marketing strategy to make sure that there are scheduled posts on different platforms. But I assure you that the vastness of the combinations available on IFTTT (If This Then That) gives you the possibility to improve your professional life. I recommend that you sign up immediately.

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