How to buy Instagram followers

Taking a peek at your friends’ Instagram profiles, you have noticed that unfortunately they are much more successful than you on this social network. Doing a research on how to get success on the well-known photo social network, you came across some forums that recommended buying followers on Instagram, so you wasted no time and immediately rushed into your account settings, looking for the function that allows you to buy followers, but… you didn’t find it, did you? Of course, it doesn’t exist!

Instagram, being a social network, aims to connect users who share the same interests, the same passions and, for this reason, does not allow to artificially obtain followers. Despite this, there are some free applications that allow you to buy followers and that, in some way, bypass the “wall” erected by the famous platform owned by Facebook.

As for me, I advise you not to use this kind of gimmick: getting “fake” followers is useless at all, if not to “inflate” the statistics of your profile a little without having any return. Rather than adopting methods that are not “honest” to get more followers, try to put into practice the strategies that you always find listed in this article, in the paragraph dedicated to methods to be successful on Instagram without buying followers. By following my “tips” and committing yourself to taking care of your profile day after day, you may be able to have a few more followers and maybe, over time, you may even be able to become a Web Star. So far all clear? Well, then let’s not waste any more precious time in small talk and let’s get to the heart of this tutorial.

Preliminary information

If you have decided to go “shopping” for followers using some app to buy free Instagram followers suitable for the purpose, let me warn you against this practice. For what reason? The apps to buy followers on Instagram, as I already mentioned in the introduction of the tutorial, have no use, other than to magnify the numbers of your profile in the short term.

Some of these allow you to buy packs of followers through virtual credits, which can be obtained by becoming followers of other users or, alternatively, by liking some content offered directly by the app in question. Others, however, allow you to get followers by paying them in “real” money. And I, even more vehemently, advise you not to turn to similar solutions: you would risk throwing your savings to the wind.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the purchased followers will actually remain among their followers: they are usually fake accounts created ad hoc to be “sold” as followers, or “real” users who, however, could stop following the accounts. who have “hired” them at any time.

It is for all these reasons that I have decided not to recommend any apps to buy Instagram followers. Rather, I decided to provide you with some specific “tips” on how to increase your popularity on the famous photographic social network without resorting to similar gimmicks.

How to buy free Instagram followers

So let’s see how to buy free Instagram followers, adopting some useful tricks to have more chances of success on the platform.

Create quality content

The first piece of advice I want to give you is to create quality content. Given the huge competition that exists on Instagram, this is the best way to try to stand out from the crowd and make the content you publish stand out in the mare magnum of the famous photographic social network.

To do this, I recommend using a smartphone with a quality camera, so as to be able to take photos and videos without major defects. If possible, use some app that allows you to “manually” control the shooting parameters, so as to create particular and “refined” photos: for this purpose I recommend the use of Camera FV-5 for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and Halide for iOS. If you want, you can also consider purchasing a camera.

As for the photos, don’t forget to edit them through apps and / or programs for photo editing, such as Snapseed for Android and iOS / iPadOS, VSCO for Android and iOS / iPadOS or, on the desktop side, Photoshop and GIMP.

As for movies, on the other hand, you can make use of video editing apps, such as Inshot for Android and iOS / iPadOS, and / or some programs to edit videos on PC, such as Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and iMovie.

Another thing that I invite you to do is think about the use of some app to create stories in an advanced way: among the best solutions useful for the purpose, I mention Insta Story for Android and Made for iOS.

Be regular

Being regular is another thing to watch out for in order to increase your popularity on Instagram. A profile with little content, in addition to seeming neglected or even abandoned, will hardly be able to attract the attention of the community; much less that of the Instagram algorithm which, for obvious reasons, tends to reward the most active accounts.

To be able to be regular on Instagram, try to write some sort of content publication calendar and stick to it, posting something new every day. As the community gets used to your online presence, the chances of new people following you will increase.

I recommend: the concept of regularity should not only be applied to “classic” posts, but also to stories and Reels, which are types of content that are highly appreciated on Instagram.

Interact with the community

One aspect that you shouldn’t underestimate, to be able to be more successful on Instagram, is to interact with the community. Doing this will allow you to reach a growing audience.

How can you interact with others on Instagram? Through likes, comments and shares, which can be used in almost all types of content on the platform. I also recommend that you stimulate the community to interact with you by creating quizzes, surveys, questions and live shows.

The way you create content can also foster interactions. An example? If you publish a post, perhaps accompanied by a quote, why don’t you invite users in a more or less direct way to express their opinion with a like or a comment? This could somehow increase the share of your Instagram account.

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