Marketing with Linkedin: 5 simple tricks

Many think of LinkedIn solely as a tool used by employers and candidates to get in touch.

This is correct, because by definition a social network connects people. But at the same time we make the mistake of not considering LinkedIn as a social media (only in some respects!) Like Facebook and Instagram which also allow excellent performances in terms of marketing.

Well, if the final consumer target is for professionals or companies (B2B marketing) then perhaps the best social network is actually LinkedIn.

Let’s see 5 tricks to make the best use of this tool in this regard:

Make your LinkedIn Page attractive

In order to attract new customers with LinkedIn B2B marketing you must, first of all, optimize what constitutes your showcase or your company page or profile.

This is your business card, the short experience in the few seconds you just arrive on the page is decisive for the next decision to get in touch with you or your company or not.

This means showing up with a complete profile with both profile (personal photo or logo) and background image, a nice description, personalized link, etc.

Generate Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn

In order to make the best use of a tool like LinkedIn (to sell, promote, etc.) it is first necessary to have real followers to whom you can propose your goods or services.

Creating your own network of followers on LinkedIn is not something that happens automatically but you have to work on it with perseverance and patience: create leads and then turn them into future customers.

How to do? Surely by taking care of the production of quality content for your sector, but not only.

Share the best content

If the profile or well-curated page represents your static business card, your posts represent you in the eyes of the network regarding your weekly activity so creating posts and sharing interesting content is equally important.

Like any social channel, marketing with LinkedIn also means sharing content but on this special network of professionals and companies you have the opportunity to contact people who work in the same sector, thus demonstrating your value and expertise.

On this point, a note should be dedicated to two peculiarities of Linkedin:

a. the slideshare function, which allows you to share presentations, infographics and documents

b. The ability to blogging: Alongside traditional posts, LinkedIn members have the ability to create editorial-style blog posts

Use groups on LinkedIn

A social group has the advantage of grouping contacts with common interests. In fact, we have already dedicated an article dedicated to the topic: How to take advantage of Linkedin groups

It is therefore a good idea to participate in thematic groups relevant to you but it is also possible to create your own group on LinkedIn (this option is especially suitable for large companies) which means above all creating a space for exchange between users and with users.

However, the commercial promotion of one’s products or services within groups is unwelcome if not prohibited, instead it is good to encourage interaction between people on topics of interest to the community involved).

Being part of a group or even creating it favors the growth of the authority of the company and therefore constitutes an indirect promotional tool. And if you are good at listening and analyzing it helps to understand the problems, interests, trends that affect the members of the group.

Use LinkedIn Ads

Finally, a powerful tool, but alas not free: advertising. LinkedIn Ads are paid advertisements. Here the options offered by LinkedIn are essentially two:

  • The  sponsored content directly ( direct sponsored content ) are a direct sponsored form (Pay per Click) without these have been previously published on the company page. Basically, the promotion of paid content is introduced alongside the “organic” one. Being sponsored content, it is possible to give them a greater commercial connotation than what is published on the company page.
  • For sponsored updates, on the other hand, it involves posting an update on the company page and subsequently sponsoring it through an ad hoc campaign. This option is ideal for spreading news of a certain importance in order to intercept not only your network but also the niches in the market potentially interested in your business.

A note: the cost of Ads on LinkedIn is typically higher than a Facebook or Instagram campaign. This is justified by the fact that the lead on Linkedin, a highly profiled link, is given a greater value.

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