Increase the likes of the Facebook page: 5 Tips

Increase the likes of the Facebook page, vanity aside, is still an important goal. Also in 2020!

Increasing your fan base allows you, at least theoretically, to increase the organic reach of your messages, communications, promotions and so on.

We have specified ” in theory ” for at least two reasons that it is important not to underestimate.

The first reason is that to watch behind the scenes there is the EdgeRank  or the Facebook algorithm that determines the visibility of a post within the newsfeed of friends and followers and therefore the scope of the published posts.

Facebook’s policy is to reduce the organic visibility of posts in favor of paid sponsored posts. Despite this major obstacle, the posts that receive the most interactions are rewarded and shown to a larger slice of your audience.

The second reason lies in user profiling. If you have collected likes  incorrectly, such as:

  • Asking friends and relatives
  • In general by sponsoring people who are not interested in our product
  • Worse still by relying on purchased “likes”

The result will be a fan base of users who will interact little and badly with your posts.

What do you need, then? Of contacts genuinely interested in your content.

Having said that, let’s give space to a series of tips:

Create an attractive and complete page with all the information

Let’s clarify one thing immediately: this point is not optional, it is a necessary condition!

Your page must be attractive and functional, and it is your business card. All this translates, to start, with an evocative cover image of your business and an avatar with your company logo.

You will then have to fill in all the textual information such as description, eventual address, detailed description, topics and sub-categories.

Remember that information is not only important to your fans but also to be found by Facebook’s internal search engine: the more information you enter, the more likely you are to be found.

Keep the Facebook page alive and dynamic

Let’s start with the golden rule of social media: keep your page constantly “alive” and actively engage users.

This results in the production of fresh, attractive, useful, interesting posts.

If individual posts grab attention and are shared, other users will see them, land on your page and may decide to follow it.

Add the “Like” button on the website

It will also happen to you to find on a website the button to become a follower of the Facebook page.

Even if it seems like an obvious advice, it is a way to grow fans, transforming an occasional visitor to your website (perhaps coming from an organic search on Google ), into a loyal user through Facebook.

To add this plugin just go to this Facebook page and create the code to insert on your web page in a few simple steps.

There are also more intrusive methods to request the “like” from your users, such as some wordpress plugins that appear in a pop-up style to ask your users to become fans, for example the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.

Our personal advice is not to overdo it so as not to make the user experience heavy!

Use your page in all possible contexts

When you can, include your page in conversations.

From time to time you may comment on other pages using your Facebook page account (not your personal account) in order to leave a trace and intrigue by stimulating the click.

Outside of Facebook, enter the address of the Facebook page where possible: on the website, in the signature at the bottom of the emails, every time your logo appears on other sites (for example in the case of a collaboration or sponsorship or participation in a event) and even offline on roll-ups, business cards, and so on.

Engage other users, not just your fans

You can develop ideas that engage users outside of those who are already part of the page’s fan base.

For example, organize a contest, being careful to respect the terms and conditions of Facebook.

A travel agency could create a contest with the best photos from last summer, for example, so that fans invite their friends to vote for them.

Or you could create an event: you can ask to share it with all the friends they want to invite and who may be interested in the specific topic.

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