Costs to create a business Facebook page

If you are an entrepreneur, or a professional, or you have a shop, I guess you already know that having a Facebook page  can make a difference.

What’s more: being on social media is a great opportunity to promote your business.

Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, allow small businesses to first attract and then stay connected with their customers in a more immediate and interactive way than traditional marketing channels.

Small businesses, but also professional firms, stores can have an effective online presence, where customers are present.

If you are not yet convinced of the usefulness, indeed of the need to create a page on Facebook, read The importance of Social Media for professionals and SMEs.

So how much does it cost to create a Facebook page?

And how much will all this cost? How much does it cost to create a Facebook page?

The answer is simple: zero, nothing, free!

You can decide to contact a professional or an agency to ask to create a page for your business.

An undoubted merit of Facebook was to make the  creation of a page on social media a breeze.

Unlike the website, which often requires specific skills, especially on the positioning part of the site.

If you do not yet have your own personal Facebook account you can create one for free (this is also very simple) and then to create the company page it will take a few simple steps that you can find by reading  How to create a Facebook page for business.

A page is nothing without content, interactions. Indeed it is a wasted opportunity.

In this regard, I suggest you read  The definitive guide to managing your Facebook page, otherwise you too will find yourself wondering about  Why nobody follows your company’s social networks?

And how much does it cost to create content for the posts on the page with which to stimulate interest and interaction?

Here, too, the options are varied. For example, you can rely on a communication agency, a web agency or a freelance.

This may prove to be the best choice for companies that have an adequate budget and also have interesting ideas and stories on which to create attractive content.

Prices vary from “serial” services with rather low monthly expenses (just under a hundred euros) to personalized services of various levels and prices.

Many decide to go it alone, perhaps using some internal resource with a minimum of social media and creativity skills. In this case, work can be made easier, faster and gaps due to a less professional approach can be made up by using online tools.

One of these is tool which provides  content related to the specific business sector and ready to share. Articles, news, themed images and quotes, but also graphic templates with which to create invitations, promotions, discounts, and much more.

It will be very easy to publish or schedule the publication or even be guided by the virtual assistant who via chat indicates what, when and where to publish to get the best results.

Trying it costs nothing, sign up by entering only the email and check if managing the Facebook page can really cost you a few euros a month!

You can also decide to budget for sponsorship, but that’s another story and making calculations on this type of cost requires a separate discussion.

On the Facebook ads we will do some ad hoc articles to help you set them up without going crazy:)

Meanwhile, you just need to know: low costs, if you act intelligently. Just study a little and equip yourself with suitable tools.

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