Collab House TikTok – That’s what they are

In recent years, the phenomenon of TikTok’s “Collab Houses” is becoming increasingly popular, starting from the United States and also arriving in Italy.

But what are these collaboration houses?

These are houses where groups of content creators live who, during the days, take care of thinking and creating contents for social networks.

If you are interested in finding out which are the best creators on TikTok do not miss this article.Let’s go and see in detail what Collab Houses are and how they work.

How do TikTok Collab Houses work?

Collab House was born years ago, in the United States, from the idea of ​​some Youtubers who wanted to get together to create viral content together. This trend has spread to the world of Tiktok in 2021.

One of the most famous cases is found in the United States, in Los Angeles, in a villa called the Hype House. In this Collab House there are 19 Tiktokers with thousands of followers, while the official account @thehypehouse, has come to count over 19 million followers.

In the wake of the success of the Hype House, Collab Houses have also arrived in Europe in recent months. Let’s talk for example of the Def House, born in Milan from eight young guys who got together to work together, and who now have 10 million followers.

In 2019 Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, two Tiktokers, decided to take up the idea and take what has now become the aforementioned Hype House.

Some boys (the older ones) live inside the villa, while the younger ones who still attend school only go to the Hype House in the afternoon. Each creator writes and records their videos alone or in the company of their roommates, but not before having held meetings to create new ideas, challenges, collaborations and much more. 

The rules of the collab house

In order for everything to work properly within the TikTok Collab House, unwritten regulations have been created. In most cases, these are villas or apartments that are spacious enough and far from the city center, so as not to disturb other inhabitants of the building or neighbors.

The rooms must be furnished in such a way as to allow Tiktokers / Youtubers to perform ballets, challenges and much more without damaging anything and in complete safety.

As for the rules of conduct, however, all content creators are required to upload at least one video a day, to participate in all meetings (unless obviously binding commitments).

You can invite friends and acquaintances but it is absolutely forbidden to carry out parties, just to remain in a peaceful atmosphere and in any case always aimed at the working environment on social media. 

How to create a Collab House on TikTok

If you too dream of joining a collab house, the first piece of advice we can give you is to work hard on TikTok: post a video a day, stay on the platform a lot and learn video after video.

If you manage to grow considerably, you will see that collaborators or creator networks will contact you privately.

If, on the other hand, you dream of creating your own group, then the first thing you could do is look for creators with a similar number of followers and contact them, to create your own collab house. Obviously, in the meantime, I advise you to create virtual relationships and then, if everything is going well and you see great margins, to rent your home.

Remember that everything depends on your strength on TikTok: if you create a strong community of fans you will see that it will not be impossible to be a creator!

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