Tiktok money calculator: how to make money on Tiktok

Tiktok is definitely the social of the moment, and which in recent years has been able to attract millions of users all over the world. This social network has managed to enter the hearts of many users, who spend more and more time inside it to have fun and discover hundreds of new content every day. In addition to the fun, however, the commercial power of Tiktok should not be underestimated, which, just like all other social networks, can become a real job.

A money calculator tool, i.e. automatic calculation of how much to earn on TikTok, does not exist.

This is because there are several methods to monetize your Tiktok profile, and in this article we will see the main ones. 

The monetization of your videos

From this state TikTok has introduced an interesting feature to directly monetize their TikTok videos, the Tiktok creator found.

In this way you can earn on TikTok directly from your views, depending on how successful the published videos are with the public.

This policy aims to incentivize users to produce quality content, probably viral on and off the platform, in order to attract new users and increase their average duration time on TikTok.

However, this mechanism is not very profitable: with the TikTok Money calculator it is estimated about 1-3 cents every 1000 views, which is why only established Creators, from hundreds of thousands of daily views, can earn a real “salary”.

Obviously you will have to grow on TikTok, so I recommend this deepening with a tutorial full of tips to increase your followers!

Live Streaming

It is a method that can be used by users who can boast more than 1000 followers. Once this figure is reached, you can activate a feature called “Live streaming” which creates a live video during which you can receive gifts from your followers.

These gifts turn into “diamonds” and, once a certain number is reached, a creator can request a dollar amount to be paid to their PayPal profile. 

This monetization technique is still little used by users, so I don’t recommend betting hard. Initially, focus on your videos and Creator found monetization

Become an influencer and create a community 

It is certainly not an easy goal to achieve, and the work is really a lot. By finding your own identity, on Tiktok you can become a real influencer and create a community that will follow you every day, ready to enjoy your content.

There are tons of strategies to be successful on Tiktok, but the first thing to point out is the importance of the quality of your content. Given that the “competition” on this social network is very high, it is important to find your own identity, your own distinctive sign, and consequently win the love of your followers. 

This strategy is undoubtedly the most profitable, but TikTok is used as a “means” to become famous, not as a monetization tool. The income is made off the platform, by creating your own company, your own e-commerce and so on.

Think of Chiara Ferragni: she used social media to become an icon, not to make money. You will have to do the same.

In this case the Tiktok money calculator changes a lot from your strength, the loyalty of your community and your sector. Each Influencer has its own rate card, one of a kind.


Another way to monetize your profile on Tiktok is to take advantage of affiliations. They are nothing more than the promotion of products through special codes, which allow the creator to get a percentage of what is sold.

Almost all large platforms allow you to create affiliations between user and brand, and it is one of the easiest ways to monetize your profile. 

Monetizing with affiliations is relatively simple, but be careful not to overdo it: if you sell too much you will lose the interest of your community and consequently views. You’ll need to find the right balance between monetizing and entertaining.

The Merchandise 

It is a method that can only work for those who already have a large following of people. Merchandise is one of the most effective methods for creators, whether it’s on Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok.

More and more influencers and content creators create a series of products based on their own content, such as t-shirts, puppets, mugs and much more.

If your fanbase likes your face… well, try to put it on as many products as possible and sell them to them!

It is an increasingly growing phenomenon, which could allow you to greatly increase the income deriving from your Tiktok profile. 

In this case, the link in the biography is used to drive traffic to your website, even if you yourself will notice that you will not have great results. The market works very well for famous Creators, not on the launch pad.

Conclusions: how to make money on TikTok

Based on what we have said, the first step you will need to focus on is growth through the TikTok Creator found. You can also start with 10,000 followers.

When you become “famous” (at least a few hundred thousand real followers), you can look for the first monetizations from affiliations and sponsors with companies.

When you have at least 500,000 followers you can start thinking about your official merchandising: you will see that you will be able to sell something.

After one million followers you can consider yourself a real brand and start climbing towards real earnings: that is, becoming a full-time Creator.

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